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Suffering the deep loss of her oldest son, Daniel, Suzanne Gene Courtney began to write. Even in the darkest of days, she and her family began to receive messages and signs from the "other side" through psychic mediums. She became interested in learning more and began to extensively train in the art of automatic writing. In her pursuit of spiritual growth and soul awareness, Suzanne continues to learn and grow and offer her clients relief from physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual problems through her energy healing work. She is also trained as a Grief Coach and can combine the two modalities for those experiencing the loss of a loved one...

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The Pandemic of Grief

This is a moving and inspirational piece written by Suzanne Gene Courtney, which originally appeared in The Austin Alchemist. If you'd like to view this article in a different format within the media section of this website, please click here.

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