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Suzanne Gene Courtney


Suzie, as she is known to friends, has enjoyed a teaching career of nearly 30 years. Having come from a family of educators, this was always to be her destiny.

She raised three wonderful children, Laura, Daniel, and Gregg. Laura and Gregg reside in Austin, Texas. Daniel passed away suddenly in 1997 in Hawaii, his birthplace. He is her inspiration and muse, forever.

Losing a loved one can turn someone's world upside-down. Grief and mourning can cause a multitude of problems for the bereaved. Suzanne's four books on grief and healing can help those who mourn to understand the circle of life and to view their lives with a new understanding. Ride to the Stars, A Story for Children about Life, Loss, and Love, tells of the love between a green sea turtle and a Hawaiian boy (Daniel was born in Hawaii and passed away there at the age of twenty-five). Through the Eyes of a Dove, A Book for Bereaved Parents, contains four messages from Dan and his Guides. Dear Diary: My Brother Died Today, explains death to a child in a reassuring way. Daniel helped with this one. Heaven Held, An Angelic Account of Children in Transition, is a direct dialogue between Suzanne and her departed son. All four books have won awards. Her other two books, for the elementary classroom, offer instructional, though endearing, lessons for the children. Rainfrog and Florence Flies Alone, An Alliterative Airline Adventure are sure to bring giggles and enjoyment.

Make no mistake: Suzanne Courtney writes from a broken heart. But she channels her grief, suffering, and angst into enlightenment, hope, and comfort.

Suzanne now resides in Austin, TX, near her children, Laura and Gregg, and her two grandsons. She continues to give her books on grief and healing to funeral homes, hospices, and to bereaved families. Suzanne plans to become a Hospice volunteer and be able to offer Reiki and Grief Coaching to those in need.

Families who wish to honor and remember their loved ones often establish foundations or scholarships. The family of Daniel established a foundation in his name to raise much-needed monies to purchase equipment for the firemen/rescuers on The Big Island. To date, they have raised over $3,500,000, and many lives have been saved.

Suzanne may be reached through the Contact page.